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Busy, busy.

So I just finished an additional 8(!) paintings to add to the dresses, stockings, accessories and so on. I am a little bit painted-out. I think my favorite one from this round might be Fancy Hat. I own this hat, but I have never worn it. I kind of doubt I ever will. I really […]

Say wot?

A jaunt to Sonoma for a bit of wine-tasting-and-wine-purchase-pick-up made for a delightful afternoon.  But on the way home, it got even better.  I received an email from Wotartist, saying that they had reviewed my site, and they would be including my website on theirs! Wotartist is among Time Magazine’s top 50 websites of 2007, […]

Big Day!

Today Marc finished wrapped up version 1.0 of my website.  The “most interesting part” might have been the pop-up windows.  But I’m not sure.  The whole thing has taken a lot of time.  And it seems to me that anything that involves HTML, CSS, JSP, PHP, and Smarty Templates is Pretty Involved. I just kept […]


Just for the record, next time there’s a nut recall (which is bound to be soon, at the rate we’re going), I will throw out any potentially infected nut product in my pantry.  The pistachios I ate last night were my undoing in the middle of the night, and they have kept me from my […]