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Give It Away Now!

Today I met Charles, winner of the framed print of “Strum” from my random drawing following the Tiburon Art Festival. We met at his office at Prepress, Inc., in San Francisco (SOMA). Prepress is awesome.  In fact, all day, I haven’t stopped talking about how cool the place is.  Charles gave me a tour (I […]

Thank You Notes

I went to write thank you notes to the people who bought my paintings this weekend, but my tasteful taupe cards suddenly looked WAY too boring.  So I decided to make each note more interesting by doing a little work on the back.

The View From Booth 23

What a weekend!  I think I’m still processing a lot of what went on and what I learned.  Overall, it was an incredible experience.  It was really exciting to have so much of my work on display, and so many supportive friends came to see what I had been working on.  All those friendly faces […]

(So? How did it go?)

Six paintings sold!  I am absolutely thrilled.  Hooray Tiburon Art Festival! The website will be updated soon to show that the following paintings are now in private collections:  Handbag, Earrings, Golddigger, Mossy Mind, Party Dress, and Take-Out.  I am really pleased to send my art into the world, and into such wonderful homes. I’ll add […]

Ready To Go

Well, the paintings are all packed up and ready to go to Tiburon. Last night, we laid-out what we think will look good on the panels of the tent. And then I took a picture. And then we bundled them into the boxes.  Here are most of them: Yesterday, because I’m like that, I called […]

Artist Party!

Last night was the

New Threads, Courtesy of Anne Bocci

Last year, I bought a dress I love by Suzabelle.  The dress fits perfectly, and it’s just my style.  I was pining for another dress by the same designer last week, and after a little bit of searching around on-line, I found Anne Bocci Boutique and Gallery in Portland, where the dress and other irresistible-to-me […]

That Watch Needed Numerals

I have been considering adding some numerals to this painting for awhile.  I finally got around to it tonight.  Here is an early photo: Ahhh.  Much better.

Fabulous Flowers

I love my friends. This morning around 11, I returned to my desk to see the red message light lit on my phone.  That light rarely means “SPECIAL DELIVERY” in a good way, but today was an exception.  Look what had arrived for me! I brought them home tonight so I could enjoy them in […]

Countdown: 7, 6, 5 …

This time next week, the Tiburon Art Festival will be behind me. (I know I was there, but I am really not sure where this summer went, and with such speed!) YAY FOR THE FESTIVAL! So much preparation, but a great chance for me to learn how to and then actually establish an entity for […]

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