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How To Promote Your Art Online

… and other ways to engage in Shameless Self-Promotion using Social Media. I attended two(!) networking events this week.  The first was a happy hour organized by my financial advisor extraordinare, Michelle Alberda, and held at Marx & Zavattero Gallery.  It was the first “Cool People Party of 2009,” and I still have a warm […]

All right . . . I’m ready for my close up.

(Wasn’t Sunset Boulevard a great movie?) Do pictures of an artist help or hurt promotion of her art?  I’m betting the answer is, like the answer to so many questions, “It depends.”  But my friend (who, incidentally, can sell practically anything to anyone, but specializes in selling high quality legal advice) advised that “adding pictures […]

Art on Record . . . on Velcro!

Look!  Here they are, all five together on the wall! This image comes from the collection of photos at APW Gallery.

I want one!

This painting was a lot of fun. A lovely friend asked me awhile ago to paint her something for her apartment. She didn’t care how big it was, but she wanted it to be abstract. What a perfect request!  You’d think that with such wide-open options, I’d have it done in no time.  But no.  […]

Art on Record, Vol. 2

The Art on Record show opened yesterday evening at APW Gallery in New York.  I wasn’t there, so I am eager to see the pictures of the event on the gallery’s website.