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Flower Power

I have been so busy lately! I’ve been getting ready for the “About” tab along the top! Big thanks to douche-free bio) And then, of course, there’s last Saturday, which I decided I needed to spend swimming and running … Anyway, the bottom line is I have been setting aside less and less time to […]

Strum: Framed Print for Art Festival Giveaway!

(Free Stuff!) As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I will be giving away a framed print of “Strum” through a random drawing following the Portfolio tab of my website. I have also included a photo of it here: This giclée print is matted and in a 17″ x 10″ black metal frame. The […]

Lake Del Valle Aqua Challenge

Yesterday, I participated in the


So, after much anticipation this week, I now have in my possession 500 promotional postcards, one stamp with the Tiburon Art Festival details (for using on the postcards) and one 9 1/2 foot banner (to tie above the entrance to my tent). Check it out! First, postcards: And now, the banner: I also picked-up the […]


I’ve been working on a postcard to promote me, my art, and my booth at the Tiburon Art Festival. So far, this is what I’ve got for the front.  For whatever reason, the file does not look this bright until I use a file uploader. Then it goes neon. In any event, I’m not concerned […]

Hydrangea at Night

It’s summer and the flowers look really happy about it. I love the look of the bright hydrangea all the time, but they are particularly striking when it’s getting dark. I took this photo tonight: I am thinking about what to paint next, and I think it may involve these flowers.  But I also think […]

Special Delivery to Palo Alto

You may have seen a painting on my Facebook Fan Page a few weeks ago that I called “One.”  It was on the small side, 6″ x 6″, but the painting turned out well, so I posted a photo of it. And what happened next is just one example of why I love social media. […]

Photoworks vs. Imagekind

Which is which, you ask? The original canvas is on the left, Imagekind print at 11″ x 11″ is in the center, and Photoworks print at 9″ x 9″ is on the right. The files used for both prints were exactly the same with the color profile embedded in the file with no color correction […]

My Kind of Needlework

The thing I love about knitting and crochet are the stitches.  All the yarn gets twisted up in such an attractive and uniform way as part of the greater pattern. I wondered what would happen if I made some pieces with yarn and then painted with them.  I had some time this weekend to create […]