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Crackle Paste and Pleather Scraps

Last Friday, I went to Britex with two of my lovelies. I was in search of some inspiration. I ended up raiding the pleather scrap box. Here’s most of what I bought: And here are two works I’ve had in progress since last weekend. In the one on the left, I tried using crackle paste. […]

Getting Back To It

“Don’t call it a comeback. I been here for years.” – Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J) It has been almost a month since the Tiburon Art Festival.  And what do I have to show for it?  Not much, unless you count the November half-marathon I signed up for and the additional days […]

Last Call!

This morning (early afternoon, really), we headed outdoors for another round of photos. This time in bright daylight, without a tripod.  Again, lighting proved challenging in new and different ways. (Shadows! Teary and squinty eyes!) But we’re going to use a couple of photos from this round to replace the photos on my “About” tab. I think […]

Close-Up, Round 2

Sunday, post-hike collapse and shower, we tried out the tripod along with the fancy new lens. The tripod was a bit too much to schlep around on an 8 mile hike, so it’s first use was in our front room. For this round, I was the subject. We worked with the concept that had turned […]

Purisima Creek Redwoods Hike

Photography is new to me, and I’m having fun with it and learning along the way … This weekend, Marc and I had time to try out the new lens and tripod I bought last weekend.  First lens outing was a hike on Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve on Sunday.  It was gorgeous, and […]


So the “Not So Sparkly” blog entry from Friday, the one where I vowed to write more about everything, including the eponymous not-so-sparkly-stuff, and explained how bummed I was about the Art in Storefronts project … all that … GONE! I didn’t delete the post, but it is gone. Gone, gone, gone! Where did it […]