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These shoes were made for … flying!

Posted on | December 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

I am so excited. “Black Heels” is, as I type, in flight to its new home. What an unexpected (and wonderful) surprise of a sale!

I sent the box out yesterday morning, and I’m still over the moon. (Isn’t that great?)

Aside from obsessing about the packing, the addressing of the package and now the tracking of the package (hello, separation anxiety, been awhile, hasn’t it?), I have noticed I’m just really ridiculously happy about this sale. I had forgotten how much I love sending my paintings out into the world. I like imagining where they will be hung and that they will bring a bit of Ooh là là! to a room. And I like it when I do smart things like keep my merchant bank account open, even though it hasn’t gotten much action lately, so that when something like this comes up, I can process a credit card sale easily.

Big Yay! all around.  Or as my sister exclaimed, “Yay! Art!” I think that sums it up perfectly.