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Rock, paper, x-acto knife

Here is some finished new work! First, Old Stone I and Old Stone II.  They’re 24″ x 12″, acrylic and paper on canvas.  You can see earlier photos and the inspiration behind them here. And Paper Flower is also done. It’s 36″ x 24″, acrylic and newsprint on canvas. I’ve been talking about this one […]

These shoes were made for … flying!

I am so excited. “Black Heels” is, as I type, in flight to its new home. What an unexpected (and wonderful) surprise of a sale! I sent the box out yesterday morning, and I’m still over the moon. (Isn’t that great?) Aside from obsessing about the packing, the addressing of the package and now the […]

Paper Flower

The piece I started last week is coming along. Here are a few photos: I’m going for the impression that the flower, made of of curled and twisted newsprint, is emerging from the disorganized shreds of paper that surround it. Once it’s dry and there’s more light, I’ll be able to get some better shots. […]

Sticky Fingers

That 96″ tall canvas is still in my office. But I had some ideas about what to do with it this week, and I’m trying out some of them on a 36″ x 24″ canvas. I have been thinking about curlicues and curlicues make me think of quilling. I called around and found some quilling […]