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Serendipity Gallery

I got back late last night from St. Louis, and (DRUMROLL!) the grand opening of Serendipity Gallery. What an incredible weekend! And Serendipity sure knows how to throw a party. On Saturday night, it felt like most of St. Louis was, at some point, either inside the gallery or waiting on the sidewalk to get […]

Head to Toe Reception

At long last, here are a few photos from the reception for SFWA’s show, “Head to Toe.” It was a lively crowd at the reception! I met fellow artists, loyal patrons, and I enjoyed some lovely conversation en français with local antique and fine art dealer, Monique Arnon. In the end, none of my paintings […]

Head To Toe

Guess what? I joined a gallery. I’m a new member of the San Francisco Women Artists. The gallery is in a lovely little spot in San Francisco’s Laurel Village. I know very little about galleries, but I can’t wait to learn. I’m looking forward to meeting all the talented women who are also members and […]

SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Party

Last Friday, I was L’s date to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s 75th Anniversary Party. It was fabulous. There is so much amazing art on display! This exhibit will be up through May 16, 2010. The part of the evening I enjoyed the most was taking photos of ourselves and other guests interacting with […]

The View From Booth 23

What a weekend!  I think I’m still processing a lot of what went on and what I learned.  Overall, it was an incredible experience.  It was really exciting to have so much of my work on display, and so many supportive friends came to see what I had been working on.  All those friendly faces […]

Ready To Go

Well, the paintings are all packed up and ready to go to Tiburon. Last night, we laid-out what we think will look good on the panels of the tent. And then I took a picture. And then we bundled them into the boxes.  Here are most of them: Yesterday, because I’m like that, I called […]

Artist Party!

Last night was the

Artist Statement in 50 words (or less) … go!

So, big news!  I was juried into the Tiburon Art Festival. The jury was Kenneth Baker, art critic for the San Francisco Chronicle since 1985, and Kimberly Johansson, a curator and gallerist based in San Francisco, California. I’m really excited!  I’ll post more details as the event gets closer, but mark your calendars and plan […]

Art on Record . . . on Velcro!

Look!  Here they are, all five together on the wall! This image comes from the collection of photos at APW Gallery.

Art on Record, Vol. 2

The Art on Record show opened yesterday evening at APW Gallery in New York.  I wasn’t there, so I am eager to see the pictures of the event on the gallery’s website.

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