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Next up: Valentines

My artsy action since my last post has been to gather the supplies we need and start drawing hearts so I can make some valentines with the kiddo. This is not exactly what I initially had in mind when I wrote my last post, but I guess I hadn’t realized how soon Valentine’s Day would […]

Firing Up Creativity

I’ve got several unfinished paintings sitting around, and they’ve been sitting in the same unfinished state for so long that I hardly even notice them anymore. Maybe I need to start them over. Or maybe I need to push on. I haven’t been able to decide. But either way, I think I’m to the point […]

A Break in the Action

So last week, I took my first full weekend trip away since the boy was born almost two years ago. I met some college girlfriends in Las Vegas, and it was a great time. We had all become grownups but remained very much ourselves, which I found interesting and comforting. Long friendships are wonderful. I […]

Wandering Wednesday

As you may have guessed, I don’t get out as much as I used to, and when I do, I am rarely by myself. My outings to shops these days are usually very targeted (as in, get in and get out!) with the youngster in the hiking backpack, unable to wreak havoc explore shop displays. […]

Happy Little Feet

Eight weeks ago last Saturday, I had a baby boy. Here are his footprints! This was his (but let’s be real, *our*) Father’s Day gift to his outstanding dad. It’s mixed media on wood, 8 inches x 8 inches. Printing the painted feet of an 8-week old (even this good natured one) is messy business. […]

Merry, YAY! and Happy

How is it already January 11? And how have I not done a post here for so many weeks? Christmas Eve seems like it was just last Thursday.  I spent all day at work and then high-tailed it to pick-up Marc’s Christmas present.  I pushed my last-minute shopping luck, and I very nearly didn’t get […]

Paper Flower

The piece I started last week is coming along. Here are a few photos: I’m going for the impression that the flower, made of of curled and twisted newsprint, is emerging from the disorganized shreds of paper that surround it. Once it’s dry and there’s more light, I’ll be able to get some better shots. […]

Me, Looking at You.

A few months ago, I mentioned we’d be replacing the photos under the “About” tab on my website with some new and improved ones that were a little bit friendlier (and a whole lot better lit). Marc delved back into the photos while I was painting yesterday. I’m pleased to announce that the new photos […]


Last weekend, I turned another year older. Yay! for birthday celebrations; boo! for another year under the belt. (*sigh*) Family and friends helped distract me from the getting older part and I had a fantastic birthday.  I enjoyed several awesome birthday song renditions, including the musical stylings of dezervision live on my telephone while I […]


I love Spain. We were there on vacation for ten days! Ten days! You might think that would be long enough, but you would be wrong. We flew to Madrid, drove to Segovia for two days, then Toledo for two more, and then back to Madrid for the rest of the time. We saw castles, […]

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