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Serendipity Gallery

I got back late last night from St. Louis, and (DRUMROLL!) the grand opening of Serendipity Gallery. What an incredible weekend! And Serendipity sure knows how to throw a party. On Saturday night, it felt like most of St. Louis was, at some point, either inside the gallery or waiting on the sidewalk to get […]

Underwater Trees

Somehow it has been almost a year since I posted here. I have been busy. Busy with the baby raising. Busy with the cooking. So much cooking! I was also busy knitting a couple of hats during the winter and re-starting, for the third time, a sweater from yarn I bought 5 years ago. Once […]

SOMA: SO Much Awesomeness

(It was today, anyway.  Other days, it’s South of Market Street.) Enough of this unintentional hiatus from blog updates. As of today, I’m 3 paintings lighter!  I delivered “Little Black Dress,” “Hoodie,” and “SF2008” this morning to my favorite San Francisco Salon, G-Squared, in the SOMA neighborhood. The owner, Neil, has been keeping my hair […]

SFMOMA 75th Anniversary Party

Last Friday, I was L’s date to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s 75th Anniversary Party. It was fabulous. There is so much amazing art on display! This exhibit will be up through May 16, 2010. The part of the evening I enjoyed the most was taking photos of ourselves and other guests interacting with […]

So long low season?

I’ve been thinking for weeks about working on some new paintings.  I wasn’t quite ready to dive in until today, though. Last Sunday, I ran the Big Sur Half Marathon.  It was fabulous and gorgeous and my time was 10 minutes faster than the half marathon I ran this past February.  My improved time really […]


Last weekend, I turned another year older. Yay! for birthday celebrations; boo! for another year under the belt. (*sigh*) Family and friends helped distract me from the getting older part and I had a fantastic birthday.  I enjoyed several awesome birthday song renditions, including the musical stylings of dezervision live on my telephone while I […]

Last Call!

This morning (early afternoon, really), we headed outdoors for another round of photos. This time in bright daylight, without a tripod.  Again, lighting proved challenging in new and different ways. (Shadows! Teary and squinty eyes!) But we’re going to use a couple of photos from this round to replace the photos on my “About” tab. I think […]

Close-Up, Round 2

Sunday, post-hike collapse and shower, we tried out the tripod along with the fancy new lens. The tripod was a bit too much to schlep around on an 8 mile hike, so it’s first use was in our front room. For this round, I was the subject. We worked with the concept that had turned […]

Purisima Creek Redwoods Hike

Photography is new to me, and I’m having fun with it and learning along the way … This weekend, Marc and I had time to try out the new lens and tripod I bought last weekend.  First lens outing was a hike on Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve on Sunday.  It was gorgeous, and […]