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Serendipity Gallery

I got back late last night from St. Louis, and (DRUMROLL!) the grand opening of Serendipity Gallery. What an incredible weekend! And Serendipity sure knows how to throw a party. On Saturday night, it felt like most of St. Louis was, at some point, either inside the gallery or waiting on the sidewalk to get […]

Wandering Wednesday

As you may have guessed, I don’t get out as much as I used to, and when I do, I am rarely by myself. My outings to shops these days are usually very targeted (as in, get in and get out!) with the youngster in the hiking backpack, unable to wreak havoc explore shop displays. […]

Happy New Year!

I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you! It is for me. My plan is to fill 2013 full of awesome and amazing everything. Too general you say? You are probably right. But this plan has tons of positive wiggle room in it, and I like it. I spent two whole hours […]

SOMA: SO Much Awesomeness

(It was today, anyway.  Other days, it’s South of Market Street.) Enough of this unintentional hiatus from blog updates. As of today, I’m 3 paintings lighter!  I delivered “Little Black Dress,” “Hoodie,” and “SF2008” this morning to my favorite San Francisco Salon, G-Squared, in the SOMA neighborhood. The owner, Neil, has been keeping my hair […]

Merry, YAY! and Happy

How is it already January 11? And how have I not done a post here for so many weeks? Christmas Eve seems like it was just last Thursday.  I spent all day at work and then high-tailed it to pick-up Marc’s Christmas present.  I pushed my last-minute shopping luck, and I very nearly didn’t get […]

These shoes were made for … flying!

I am so excited. “Black Heels” is, as I type, in flight to its new home. What an unexpected (and wonderful) surprise of a sale! I sent the box out yesterday morning, and I’m still over the moon. (Isn’t that great?) Aside from obsessing about the packing, the addressing of the package and now the […]

Protective Gear or Fabulous Fashion? ScooterGirls Delivers Both.

If you know me, you know I love my scooter. I ride a Buddy 125. I’ve had it for a couple of years, and it makes getting around San Francisco FUN (and so much easier). When I took my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and got my M1 license, I cleared a huge personal hurdle. Before […]

Give It Away Now!

Today I met Charles, winner of the framed print of “Strum” from my random drawing following the Tiburon Art Festival. We met at his office at Prepress, Inc., in San Francisco (SOMA). Prepress is awesome.  In fact, all day, I haven’t stopped talking about how cool the place is.  Charles gave me a tour (I […]

New Threads, Courtesy of Anne Bocci

Last year, I bought a dress I love by Suzabelle.  The dress fits perfectly, and it’s just my style.  I was pining for another dress by the same designer last week, and after a little bit of searching around on-line, I found Anne Bocci Boutique and Gallery in Portland, where the dress and other irresistible-to-me […]